7 good reasons to borrow money even when you have the possibility to pay cash :

  • Euro rates are most of the time much lower than dollar or sterling zone interest rates
  • Keep your equity on your main residence in your home country
  • Take advantage of the protective French consumer regulation
  • Match the mortgage euro installments with euro rental income
  • Minimize risk matching euro assets vs. euro liabilities
  • Reduce or offset exposure related to the wealth French tax (ISF)
  • Keep your cash for other purposes, investments for instance

Why invest in France ?

Investing in France is definitely the right choice. Beyond your personal and emotional motives to invest in a French property, France presents several attractive factors :

  • A reassuring regulation and protection of the buyers / borrowers
  • A stable market compared to most of the European housing markets
  • Attractive prices and low rates
  • High standards of construction
  • Preserved surroundings and environment

Do you plan to move and settle in France? Do you intend to buy a holiday home? Do you wish to buy-to-let? Do you need to refinance your running loan or draw equity from you existing property ?

Credit Foncier can help you financing most of your projects :

Property acquisition :

Existing or new, including “off plan”, main home or second residence.

Buy-to-let investments :

Including “SCPI” and leaseback operations.

Post purchase financing :

Up to 18 months after the date of the purchase.

Foreign property purchase with French collateral

Buy a property abroad using your French property as a guarantee for your mortgage.


A need to refinance your running mortgage on your existing French property?


Don't wait to sell your existing French property in order to buy a new one. Just plan a bridge loan to take your time to find out the right new one.


Works, refurbishment, property extension or just property enhancement.

Equity release

Your capital is locked in your existing French property ? Just cash out and fulfill your projects!

It is important that the proposed solution best suits your needs. Credit Foncier can provide you with a wide range of mortgage products and services. Take a glance on some of them.

Fixed Rate mortgage

Download G11024.pdf

Pdf file 172 Ko Download the PDF file G11024.pdf (172 Ko)

Variable Rate mortgage

Take benefit from market's opportunities. "Tracker" Gascol on the Euribor 3 months. from 6 to 25 years duration.

Fixed + variable rate mortgage

Download G11022.pdf

Pdf file 172 Ko Download the PDF file G11022.pdf (172 Ko)

Equity Release

Download G11030.pdf

Pdf file 140 Ko Download the PDF file G11030.pdf (140 Ko)

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